Art Gallery Weihaupt

The very prominent building with its sophisticated design is situated right at the heart of Ulm, pursuing a clear mission: The art gallery wants nothing to distract from the beauty of the exhibits displayed inside the building. This idea of its owner Siegfried Weishaupt was turned into an impressive reality by the Munich-based architect Wolfram Wöhr, a former assistant of the renowned architect Richard Meier.

The 16 meter high front facing the Hans-und-Sophie-Scholl-Platz square is like a huge passepartout for the piece of art that is framed by it. The glass-walled foyer adds an additional dimension to the square that makes us see the vast openness and provides us with an unobstructed view of the small alleyways. The filigree, plain and still massive cubes of the art gallery are put on the transparent ground floor with a large projection, which makes them seem to be losing all their weight, floating freely in the hall.